Winter Safety

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IStock_000000617624XSmallKeeping your family safe this winter is of up-most importance. Have you taken care of purchasing a gate for your fireplace or woodstove yet? If not, please consider this as soon as possible.

Dangers can also exist in chopped wood. Slivers are the main one of course so have everyone who carries wood in wear heavy gloves that will prevent splinters of wood from going through.

Another danger with chopped wood is bees that like to hibernate within in. Tell your kids to look for the sleepy insects and shake them off of the wood before bringing it into the house.

With our winter weather, you may need to buy a show shovel to keep your walks safe. The addition of sand may be helpful as well. When the snow hits, injuries happen and you can prevent back, hip, knee, and shoulder injuries by taking precautions.

If your hot-tub is not powered up, power it up a couple of times this winter and follow the manufacturer's directions to prevent damage from the cold. Precaution now is cheaper than fixing it later.

Your patio furniture should be stored at this point, but if not, you can protect it the best by covering it. Your patio can also get slippery so be aware of this in the ice and snow.

Take care of your water pipes as well. But most of all, stay warm and when the newscasters recommend staying off the roads, do it if at all possible. There is a reason for their caution.

Happy Winter!

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