Winter Fuel Check

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How is your stash of fuel this winter? Here’s a thought:
Write it on the calendar this year when you are running low, calculate out what
you used and plan next year to stock extra to make it through the winter before
having to replenish.

We ran into an issue this year with wood. The guy we buy
wood from is no longer selling it. We live in a small town and are having a
hard time finding anyone else who delivers. So plan for that as well. If you
have more than one supplier in the area, keep a list.

It almost made me miss the days when I was a kid when my
dad took our whole family out to gather truckloads of wood.

If you use propane, you likely only have a few suppliers
in your area but it would be good to check them out and price shop.

With electricity, you are probably stuck as far as your
utility provider but you are not stuck if you have a particular complaint that
your utility provider is not responding to. Beyond your power company is a Public
Utility Commission
within your state who regulates the utility companies. Most
have a process on their website for registering issues.

Best bet? Prepare for the worst! Stockpile your fuel and
have more than one heat source available. And if you need another heat source,
check with Rich’s for the Home. The clearance sale on last year’s stock is in
full swing and YOU will benefit.

See you soon!

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