Storm Preparation and Holidays

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Happy holidays! The staff at Rich’s for the Home is ready to celebrate and spend some great time with family and friends. How about you? Have you made your lists, checked them a couple of times, gone shopping and planned a menu? Or maybe you are making it simple this year and not doing all of that. Whatever your plan, we hope that the holidays bring you and yours peace and a ton of joy. 


Are you prepared this year for our NW storms?

I hope so. Next week temperatures are supposed to drop into the 20-30’s as you know. We might even get some snow that would hang out with us for awhile. Tomorrow a windstorm (of course) is set to hit my area.

Why do we tend to get both windstorms and freezing temperatures all at once? Last year when the power was out for six days, we also had freezing temperatures. I don’t know why but I do know that we have no excuse this year to not be prepared.

My fireplace is ready. I keep refusing to stock up on perishables (we lost a lot last year). I could use a few more batteries. We have flashlights. And, most importantly, I do have wood stocked for the fireplace. I even dug some cardboard out of the recycling bin today so it won’t go out on the recycling trucks tomorrow—just in case.

Please stay warm and safe this holiday season.

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