The World’s Cleanest-Burning Hybrid Wood Insert

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If you’re looking for a wood fireplace insert that
features the world’s cleanest-burning technology, you’ll want to stop by Rich’s
to see the Avalon
Large Flush Wood Hybrid-Fyre™

Large Flush Wood Hybrid-Fyre Insert

This ultra-green insert fuses two combustion technologies
into one hybrid stove. Here’s how the hybrid technology works, in layman’s

The primary combustion occurs
in the firebox. Secondary tubes help re-burn the gases before they leave the
firebox. Those unburned gases are then passed through the catalytic combustor,
which further reduces emissions and carbon monoxide.

Hybrid-Fyre Technology

The advantages of this
hybrid insert: virtually no smoke exits the insert. Not only that, but this
insert boasts emissions of just 0.58 grams per hour. That reduction in
emissions means that there’s almost zero carbon monoxide output throughout all
burn cycles.

The Large Flush Wood Hybrid-Fyre™ insert burns wood, a renewable
resource and the most inexpensive fuel. The insert is capable of heating up to
2,500 sq. feet, with up to a 12-hour burn time.

large fire box is 3.0 cubic feet and will accommodate a 24-inch log. The insert
features a bypass damper for smoke-free firestarting and reloading.

insert will fit into many fireplace openings and is approved for both masonry
and zero-clearance fireplaces.

There are two decorative faces available for this insert: the Cypress face with built-in Accent lights, and the Universal face with vertical grills.

Decorative Faces

Stop by one of Rich's five Puget Sound showrooms in Bellevue, Lynnwood, Tacoma, Southcenter or Silverdale to learn more about the Avalon Large Flush Wood Hybrid-Fyre™ insert.

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