Avalon Electric Fireplaces

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Avalon electric
Want the beauty of a flame without intense heat? Then an electric fireplace from Avalon might be the option for you. It plugs into a wall outlet and does give some warmth off. It stays very clean, because you aren’t using fuel so it is perfect for elegant décor. They even have small lights built into the log sets which provide a lively appearance that looks like a burning coal bed.

They also work well for an area such as a dining room where you might want some flames for romance without the mess of wood or pellets. And, there is no need for a chimney or vent. It’s a great way to dress up a room instantly and if I was an interior decorator, I would use them for dressing up homes for sale.

Avalon electric fireplaces come with a variety of options for faces,Tree of Life Face Bronze
doors and grills and you can find those accessories for most any décor. In addition the “cabinet” (the wood part you see around the face) come in a variety of wood finishes.

The Avalon Seattle E has The Purefire Clean Air System as an upgrade option. It purifies the air in an average room four times and hour and re-circulates the filtered air back out! This System, along with the power, sleep timer, room temperature, flame speed and interior accent light can be operated from a hand held remote control.

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