A Vent-Free Fireplace for your Dream Home

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Monessenventfree Do you have your "Dream Home" in mind? We all do. We want specific elements of that home to be just right. We may want a fireplace, pool, hot-tub or large deck to entertain. Or, our dream may be to simply have a home office, large kitchen or library.

Our dreams often change a little bit as we go along. Sometimes, we realize that we really can’t afford all the desired amenities and as we grow older, perhaps we don’t want to have to deal with the maintenance of those amenities too. Other times, priorities such as sending the kids to a good college might take precedence.

Many of us end up buying a home already built and don’t have the resources to adapt it to all our dreams.

But if your dream is a fireplace, Monessen Vent-Free fireplaces might be an answer for you. Because even if you don’t have a chimney or other venting system, you can have a fireplace with their unique offerings. Their vent-free gas fireplaces use precision burners and are design-certified by national testing laboratories to meet the latest health and safety standards. Some even have three see-through walls which offer a unique twist to any design.

Call or visit Rich’s for the Home to learn more about Monessen Vent-Free Fireplaces.

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