A Chill in the Air…A Fire for Me

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Smallerfp The coast got a few drops of rain today. I am not happy. The season is starting I suppose. Don’t you feel fall in the air? I do at night and in the mornings and of course I run cold-blooded, so I have to start having to wear my gloves and wool socks anytime the thermometer dips under fifty degrees. And no matter how much outside sun-time I get, I always know it won’t feel like enough when the clouds move in.

My son is wonderful. Without me even asking, he makes me a fire in the fireplace when a bit of chill moves in. Isn’t that totally sweet? Of course, he is my little pyromaniac—in a good way. He enjoys building fires and has finally perfected his method for both fireplace and beach fires so they start and burn almost perfectly each time. The only thing I have to remind him of is to save some of the wood for later in the season. Alas, firewood has become a bit expensive too and of course, I am always concerned that we might get another six-day power, land line and cell phone outage like last year. (I sincerely hope not. I wasn’t the only person in town to feel like I was going insane by day 4.)

So on that note, are you ready for the winter, the wind, the storms and the rain? I hope that you have your stove or fireplace ready with fuel stocked. I hope that you have considered the potential of possibly having to cook with that additional heat source and I really, really hope that you have considered the effects of your heating source on the environment. Rich’s for the Home cares about the environment when they arrange to carry heat sources and we should too.

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