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The Evergreen Wood Stove by Lopi: cleaner, hotter fires that use less wood


If you’re looking for a workhorse wood stove that’s sleek, energy-efficient and cost-effective, check out the Evergreen™ wood stove by Lopi.
Evergreen Wood Stove (by Lopi) |
This mid-sized stove comes in your choice of a Leg or Pedestal model. It heats up to 2,000 square feet and features gentle curved lines. But don’t be deceived by the sleek design; this stove is constructed from heavy-gauge steel and has a cast iron door with a large, self-cleaning ceramic glass viewing area.

Energy Efficient

Secondary combustion technology reduces environmental pollution and increases the stove’s efficiency, allowing for cleaner, hotter fires that use less wood and save you money. The Evergreen has a low emissions rate of 3.6 grams per hour with a 74.5% efficiency.

Evergreen Wood Stove (by Lopi) |

The stove’s standard bypass damper gives you full control over the flow of smoke inside this stove, eliminating smoky startups and reloads. The burn rate, from a mellow overnight burn to a large rolling fire, can be effortlessly managed by a single air control. The maximum burn time is up to 10 hours.

Whisper-Quiet Fan

An optional 400 CFM fan is available with both models. The fan quickly and quietly distributes the Evergreen’s radiant heat throughout your home.

Evergreen Wood Stove (by Lopi) |

Light the stove with NO matches and NO paper!

Exclusive to the Lopi brand is the optional GreenStart™ Push Button Igniter. The push button igniter is embedded into the back of the wood stove and works by electrically super-heating the air to 1400 degrees F. Within 15 minutes, you can have a roaring fire with no smoke and no mess.

Here’s a video in which Kurt Rumens, President of Travis Industries (the parent company of Lopi), demonstrates how to load kindling into the stove for an easy, push-button start.

GreenStart™ Wood Ignitor Option - Available Now from Travis Industries on Vimeo.

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