Shake Up the Weather Blues with Dancing

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Weather getting you down? While we are waiting for our real summer to start consider spicing up your life and your neighbor's lives (trust me, they are probably a little down too) with an old-fashioned dance.

Clear your deck of that wonderful outdoor room that we worked so hard on, but only for temporary. Invite friends and family and voila—everyone will be cheered immensely—even with a few raindrops.

Get ready!

  • Invite everyone you know, including your mail or delivery person and the clerk who scans your groceries.
  • Consider a theme or request costumes.
  • Choose the music—a mix is best but keep the guest list age group in mind.
  • Find a stereo with large speakers that can be pulled outside to a covered area. Consider placing it on wheels (like a wagon) so that you can roll it in if it rains. Or, find a way to blast the music from the house. The best kind of stereo to use is one that allows you to place multiple CD’s so you don’t have to change them every half hour.
  • Move your furniture from your deck to your freshly-cut lawn instead. Your deck is now your dance floor.
  • Hot-tubs with covers can double as a plant stand or food table if not in use. Cover the top with a large tablecloth to hide it better.
  • Consider a few chairs around the edge of your dance floor if there is room.
  • Plan plenty of food and wine. Don’t forget the water, tea and coffee.
  • Consider a play area and family-friendly food for kids, if any are coming.
  • Forgot how to plan a dance? Let your tweens and teenagers help. They will add their own "twist".

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