Organize Your Entertaining To-Do List

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Your list is of vital importance when you are planning an event. For a big family reunion (30 plus people at my house), I had help—thank goodness—in crossing out those to-dos but I still found it helpful to have it organized. There are several different ways to do this.

  1. Organize by Day-Make lists for several days leading up to the event, organized by day (i.e. Tuesday-mow yard, buy food).
  2. Organize by Degree of Difficulty– Make different lists with "adult" chores and ones the kids can help with or do.
  3. Organize by Skill– Make lists for different members of the family based on their abilities, gifts, or what they like to do (i.e. Dad-mow yard. Mom-Shop. Kid-Vacuum Living Room).
  4. Organize by Proxy– Draw names for various to-dos and make a separate list for each individual to cross off items as they are completed.
  5. Don't organize at all—and if you still have a successful event, call me. I need your brain.

What you use to make your list is important too. In my experience, Post-It Notes ™ can get lost unless they are mounted to paper. Sometimes they work on a white board but have the potential of loosening as people walk by. You are better off using the white board itself. Since I don’t want to miss any to-dos, I keep a spiral notebook and use several pages—that way it stays all together. I even use those same pages for a shopping list, guest list and anything else related to the event.

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