Mixed Up Games for Memorial Day 2008

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Here are some fun "mixed-up games" for your Memorial Day event. They can be played in slight drizzle if need be and by playing in teams, every age group can be incorporated. Warning: these games can get a little crazy.

PIG Ball- Play baseball with a twist from Hoop. Choose a pitcher (who must also be able to run), catcher and outfielder who are not any team. Divide everyone else up into two teams. Alternate batter-up between the two teams (Team A bats with one person, then Team B). Note: the only people "in the field" and therefore running to get people out are the pitcher and the outfielder) The first team to three runs, spelling P-I-G, wins the game, as long as each team has had an equal number of chances to bat. Want a longer game? Spell H-O-R-S-E or M-E-M-O-R-I-A-L or…you get the picture.

Volley Levitate- Using a volleyball net, choose an even number of people for each side. Get several light balls and get them going all at once. Goal: Keep the balls off the ground on your side of the net. With everyone playing at once, fun ensues and when a ball hits the ground, the team on that side gets a point. The team with the most ground hits/points loses.

Twisted Scavenger Hunt- Have a scavenger hunt to find things that are…already out there. Make sure you take a walk first to find things that are not readily available within fifteen feet of the gathering spot! Divide into teams, give a time limit, or just see who makes it back first.

Some ideas to gather:

  • Pop can
  • Water bottle
  • Rock as big as a team member’s hand
  • Sap from a tree
  • Blossom
  • Cup of Mud Puddle Water
  • Berry from a Tree (not with small kids)
  • 5 Pebbles
  • Bark

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