Labor Day 2009: making it memorable

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BL 003 It's almost Labor Day 2009. Do you have anything special planned? One last bash before Fall begins? Making it special for all probably tops your list of things to do.

Why not make it a very cool BBQ right in your own backyard? Here are some ideas to make it the best bash yet:

  1. Decide on a menu early. Then make a list and stick to it when shopping. This will prevent a ton of stress and standing in the aisle of a store thinking "Oh maybe I should add THAT." 
  2. Keep special diets in mind. And provide grill veggies or veggie burgers in addition to meats.
  3. Shop the day before Labor Day not on Labor Day.
  4. Make sure your grill is working and that you have all supplies needed before Labor Day.
  5. Have enough chairs for most of your guests.
  6. Involve the kids and family in fun things like decorating.
  7. Consider placing an older child in charge of games. Have a backup plan but try to play what they want to play. It will be fun.
  8. Don't forget to call or email family and friends to invite them to the gathering.
  9. Plan for only a couple hours, but be willing to hang out with those who want to stay later.

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