Inauguration Day 2009 Celebration

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Are you celebrating Inauguration Day 2009? It’s a
more-than-usual historic event and a celebration as well. Here are some tips
for you.


  • Tape or TiVo the Inauguration so that you can watch it
    during your gathering as it runs in the morning, on both a school and work-day
    for most people.

  • Celebrate outside! Our weather has much improved and it’s
    a little warm out there. Great to see, don’t you agree? So if the sun is out,
    get your friends outside for some much needed sun. Then when it’s time to watch
    the inauguration, gather the troops near the television.
  • Emphasize to kids involved how important this day is in
    history, if they don’t already know.
  • Decide how you can celebrate in a family-friendly way.
    Have food and drinks that all can drink and eat.
  • Prepare some historical trivia questions in regards to
    past presidents as a way to get conversation going where needed. Don’t forget
    to also write down the answers.
  • Consider décor that imitates royalty, the White House (or
    parts within), capital buildings, monuments, etc.
  • Don’t forget to use your grill to make super-duper Inauguration
    Day burgers or steaks.

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