Impromptu Fun

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Happy Memorial Day!

And how is your "official kick-off to summer" day?

Speaking of summer, are you ready for it?

Aubrieta c Louis M Landry By now you have all your patio furniture cleaned off and ready to go. Your flowers are blooming and beautiful. Your grill and hot tub are cleaned and ready.

Not all of your summer activity will be all about planning of course. Much of it will be impromptu, especially when it comes to working around the northwest weather. Like me, you might see the clouds disperse at 11:00 am and say, "It’s going to be gorgeous! Let’s have a barbeque!" And suddenly the activity in the house increases a little and the TV might even go off in anticipation of a fun time outside.

Do not be afraid of last-minute, and don’t even be afraid of inviting people last minute. The worst they can say is "no"-but I bet they won’t when they see your backyard set-up from Rich’s for the Home.

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