Games for Outdoor Entertaining 3: Water Balloon Toss

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The Water Balloon Toss is a great way to both cool off and add some laughs to your outdoor gathering. Aww come on-a little water never hurt anyone, right?


  1. Buy a bag or two of water balloons.
  2. Fill them up.
  3. Place them in large buckets or containers.


  1. Partner participants up with someone of similar height, if possible.
  2. Line people up so there is an even distance between two lines, with partners across from each other.
  3. Give water balloon to one partner, who must toss it to their partner. The partner should catch it.
  4. After each toss, the person who tossed it must step back one step.
  5. Teams are out when their balloon breaks.


  • If you don't want winners and losers, just keep passing out balloons to people who break theirs until all the balloons are gone.
  • Add an action before tossing. For instance, tosser must do a jumping jack before tossing balloon.
  • Rotate one line after each toss so that people can experience different partners.

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