Games for Outdoor Entertaining 2: Freeze Tag

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Freeze Tag is an oldie but goodie and is fun even for adults. The person who is "it" runs around and tags people. Once tagged, the person is frozen and can't move around again until someone who is free crawls between their legs.


  1. Find a space. The backyard will work.
  2. Decide who is "it".


  • Divide the group into two teams. Use a ribbon or bandanna around the wrists to differentiate teams. Have two people be "it", one from each team. Free people can only unfreeze people on their own team. When you want to end the game, the team with the most unfrozen people wins.
  • Start with a wide playing area and narrow it throughout the game.
  • Make a safe zone where people can run to but they can only be in there twice during the game and for 15 seconds at a time.


  1. Go!

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