Games for Outdoor Entertaining 1: Treasure Hunt

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It's party time! Are you ready for outdoor entertaining this year? I sure am. I am going to start a series on outside games that you can use to spice up your outdoor party. And most of them are for the adults as well as the kids! So get your planning notebook or print this page and add it to your ideas. It's FUN.


The best treasure hunts are when the prize is valuable to that particular crowd. For kids, of course, it can be as simple as a box of candy. For adults, you might have to get more clever (although candy is sometimes appreciated in that age group too). Try movie passes, bowling passes, game or play tickets or food and drink.


  1. Cut slips of paper or use index cards for each clue.
  2. Each clue needs to lead to a location with the next clue.
  3. Make the clue rhyme, if you can.
  4. When done with a clue, fold it over and write on the outside of the clue where you will be placing it.
  5. Make the last stop the TREASURE.
  6. Don't hide the FIRST clue. But do hide the rest.


  • Divide into teams and see who can find the treasure the most quickly. If you have teams, you will have to make more than one copy of each clue and explain that each team should only take one.
  • Ask your neighbors if they can house a "stop" in their yards. Or, use other stops such as the stop-sign down the street.
  • The more clues, the longer it will take.


  1. Either divide people into teams or make it a group effort.
  2. Pass out the first clue.
  3. GO!

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