Fresh Ideas in Entertaining

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P1010005When you are getting ready to entertain in your backyard retreat…think fresh. And I don’t mean just the food. Think of some fresh ideas, games and activities that aren’t used a lot and the experience will stand out a lot more in your guest’s minds.

Here are some examples:

OLD SCHOOL– Pile all the food on one table, all at once.

FRESH IDEA– If gathering will have food throughout, rotate the dishes and bring new ones out every 15 to 30 minutes. Consider placing finger foods and appetizers on smaller side tables.


OLD SCHOOL– Implement one activity at a time and cheerlead or cajole to get all to participate.

FRESH IDEA– Provide various "stations" with varied activity. For instance, for a kid’s party, have a themed movie going, a Lego™ station at the picnic table and party games around the corner. Don’t worry—you can still gather all together for the important parts like opening presents.


OLD SCHOOL– Bring out all the outdoor game equipment when and if people are ready for it.

FRESH IDEA– Set up an area of your yard for the volleyball net, etc and place all the needed equipment nearby. People may not ask, you know.


OLD SCHOOL– Wait until dark to start a fire.

FRESH IDEA– Start it early and provide seating around it. It will naturally draw in a crowd to sit and talk. Again, make sure "equipment" such as marshmallows and sticks for roasting them, chairs, etc are nearby. Note: people get thirsty when eating marshmallows (high sugar content) so be prepared with a cooler of bottled water nearby.

Have some other fresh ideas? Please comment and let us know.

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