Five Ways to Make a Great Guest Experience

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Ftstevens 010 1. Check out local attractions and "tourist" draws. Here on the coast and near my home we have the Astoria Column, Maritime Museum, Heritage Museum, Seaside Arcade, Beach (of course), Art Galleries/Restaurants in Cannon Beach, Tillamook Cheese Factory (free!), Blue Heron French Cheese Petting Farm (free!) and more.

2. Plan activities for down-time and keep people moving. Why? Otherwise they may sit, sit, sit and wonder why they are tired. Think about bike rides, walks or runs, a game of basketball or tennis, etc and plan for group activity on a regular basis. Don’t make participation a requirement but those that want to stay active will appreciate it. On the flip side, plan evening activity that is more laid back such as a great movie or card game. And keep in mind—just because it is planned doesn’t mean it has to happen. Be flexible, but prepared.

3. Think more healthy-people associate breaks, vacations and fun times with sugar. But this will also cause fatigue so provide healthy drinks too and plenty of water. Go easy on the desserts and provide fresh snack food like fruits and veggies. Your guests will feel better.

4. Continue to clean. I know, what a pain. But experience is part of the picture so make sure you keep up with dishes, laundry, etc while your guests are with you. It’s no fun to have mountains of it when everyone leaves and of course, you will need to re-use the dishes while everyone is there. Collect dirty towels and get them washed. Don’t forget to take care of your pets. Sometimes guests even pitch in to help—don’t forget to say "yes".

5. Insure that creature comforts are met. It is true that people cannot concentrate on relaxation (or much else) when they are hot or cold, don’t have shelter or are hungry. A good host or hostess insures that these needs are met the entire time—as much as they are able to meet them.

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