Eco-Wise Entertaining

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IStock_000002938963XSmall If you want to entertain and yet also care about your environment like Rich’s for the Home does, there are many companies and products out there to support you in this endeavor.

Invites– Send an email instead of paper. Or, use the many email postcard options on the web. If you really, really want to use paper, try an invite from the Green Field Company made of seeds that can be planted afterwards. Check out invitesites for more eco-conscious options.

Tableware– Go back to the basic and use your regular plates instead of paper or plastic to toss afterward. Yes, it’s a little more work but assign out the help to your kids while explaining how they are helping the environment. Other options? Bamboo plates which decompose when placed in a compost bin or ones made of other natural material. Or check out natural fiberware.

Food– Decide you don’t want to cook? There are eco-friendly caterers available that care about our environment too. Herban Feast Catering in Seattle offers eco-friendly, vegan-friendly and price-friendly options for your event. If you do want to cook, buy organic and locally grown. Look for meat raised with natural feeding processes (grain and grass) without chemicals.

Drink– If you are serving alcohol, buy local wines or organic wine. For non-alcoholic choices, choose juice that is processed locally if possible. Try organic teas and coffee as well. Water is always an excellent choice and healthy too.

AfterCompost the scraps (non-meat). Save leftovers or send them home with your friends. Wash the dishes, depending on what kind you chose, for next time. And finally, sit down and think about what worked, what didn’t work and how next time can be even more eco-wise.

Have other eco-wise entertaining ideas? Please share!

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