Versatile 11′ Patio Umbrella Shades Dining and Spa Areas

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Shade. It’s a hot commodity during the summer months, particularly when you’re relaxing outdoors. Patio umbrellas provide blessed relief from the scorching rays, and many of them tilt at angles to more effectively block the sun.

11′ Octagon – AKZ 1

One of the best shade-providing umbrellas we’ve found is the 11′ Octagon – AKZ umbrella from Treasure Garden. At 117 inches tall (9.75 feet), this monster provides 100 square feet of shade. Plus, it tilts and swings; you can easily rotate the umbrella to shade both your dining area and your spa/lounge area.

11′ Octagon – AKZ

This video demonstrates how to assemble and operate an AKZ Cantilever Umbrella.

We stock the 11’ AKZ umbrella at Rich’s, and you can also special-order a custom umbrella. You can choose a canopy style, canopy fabric, frame/base color and accessories.

Here’s a picture of an 11’ octagon cantilever umbrella we customized with a double wind vent and valence. The canopy fabric color is buttercup, the frame is bronze, and we accessorized with a large VEGA umbrella light.

Custom Umbrella

Tips for Shopping for a Patio Umbrella


The cantilever umbrellas we sell at Rich’s come in 10’, 11’ and 13’ octagon or square shapes (we also sell smaller sized umbrellas). To get complete coverage of the area you want to shade, measure the area you plan to shade, and ask us which size umbrella will shade that amount of space.

11′ Octagon – AKZ 2

Freestanding or Offset

Freestanding umbrellas are designed to rest in the hole in the center of a patio dining table. Measure the hole in the center of your table to ensure that the center pole of your umbrella is the correct thickness to fit in the hole.

Offset patio umbrellas such as the 11’ AKZ can shade your dining area, chaise lounge chairs, spa, or grill area (when the grill is not lit). They’re more versatile than freestanding umbrellas but they cost more because they are equipped with a base, tilt mechanism, crank lift or other high-end features.

11′ Octagon – AKZ top


Offset umbrellas require a base (stand). Make sure you purchase a base that is weighted to support the size and shape of the umbrella you choose, and that the base accommodates the umbrella pole’s width. 11′ Octagon – AKZ base


For more patio umbrella ideas, follow Rich's Patio Umbrellas board on Pinterest.

11′ Octagon – AKZ 3

We Stock Patio Umbrellas

See our patio umbrellas for yourself! Stop by any of our five Puget Sound stores in Lynnwood, Bellevue, Tacoma, Tukwila, or Silverdale.

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