Treasures Along the Fence Line

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Richsyard 007 Oh my! You have a gorgeous deck, solid and welcoming furniture from Rich’s for the Home, a spa, containers with beautiful flowers and a sugar snap pea or two—now it’s time to do something about that fence!

You heard me right! Why stop at the border of your outdoor room? Why not draw the eye further and provide even more delightful conversation pieces for your family and friends? I have a neighbor who has accomplished this very well. In fact, before I saw it I hadn’t even considered decorating a fence line, except for maybe planting flowers along it. But what she has accomplished is marvelous, and she has made an impact with her wooden fence by attaching surprises along the way.

Richsyard 021 Once I saw one surprise, I had to see more. So I followed the fence around the whole lot—it felt much like a treasure hunt. There were birdhouses, decorative tiles, welded metal fixtures, a cross, flower pots, animals and more—all attached to the fence in some way. One of the best features? She tucked some small items down toward the bottom of the fence. It almost took a second glance to catch those ones but added to the surprise and delight factor as I discovered each one.

Treasures along the fence line will bring out the child in everyone. Why not give it a try?

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