Solaira Heaters

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I have a perfect solution for your outdoor rooms and patios during this season when we have some warm sun during the day that quickly cools in the evening hours, if not before. A heater from Solaira, available on poles or in wall or ceiling mounted options will be all you need to extend those outdoor hours a little bit longer. And if you have a hot-tub, it is the perfect option to sit under when you are done with the hot-tub.

From their website:

“Inforesight Consumer Products Inc's (ICP) vision is that technology based operating solutions will be the basis of our energy efficient, environmentally considerate future. ICP currently manufactures markets and distributes commercial, industrial and consumer products centered in Heating/Control systems and Solid State (LED) Lighting. Our technologies are centered on high efficiency (90%+) energy conversion factors, environmentally considerate (no CO2, NOX or Mercury) and exceptionally high commercial quality for long term performance. Our technologies are utilized around the world and in the most severe environments as required by our military, commercial and industrial customers.”

With all those benefits to you and our environment, why would you look anywhere else for an outdoor heater? All you need is Solaira and Rich’s for the Home.

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