Planting in your outdoor room-it’s not too late

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Richsger It's not too late to make a great impression in your outdoor room with plants. If you are planning a 4th of July party, family reunion or any other kind of gathering this summer, it's time to plant. Plants, whether veggies or flowers, can make a great impression in your decor and even offer opportunity for conversations starters and a bit of horticulture education.

If you want to plant veggies, stir it up by:

  1. Plant unusual veggies that the common person may not recognize.
  2. Use the veggies in the food you offer your guests.
  3. Plant veggies that offer a beautiful blossom.
  4. Think outside the box. Nothing wrong with planting (for instance) a few cucumbers in a hanging basket.

If you want to use flowers in your outside room decor, consider:

  1. Overfilling the planters. It will be more beautiful for one-season flowers.
  2. Mix it up with both tall and shorter flowers in your flowerbeds.
  3. Consider edible flowers.
  4. Work with colors that match your house and any features of your outdoor room.
  5. Be sensitive to placing flowers that draw bees too close to your guests.

Plants will help every outdoor room look fresh and feel relaxing. They also work wonders to add a bit of color and cheer. Don't forget to water them when they are dry and give them sun. Happy plants=happy guest and happy plant-owners.

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