Low-cost outdoor room pizzaz

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Richsoutside With summer and gathering season in full force, you might decide that it's time to add a bit of pizazz to your outdoor room.

There are simple and inexpensive things that you can do that will add spice, color and comfort to your area. Small actions truly can give your outdoor gathering place a whole new feel and look.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Hang paper lanterns. You can find them at Asian-style stores or order them from the Paper Lantern Store. Curious how they are made? I certainly was. It all starts with a wire frame and it takes skills to create the shape that you want. View lantern making here.
  2. Add throw pillows to your outdoor furniture. Of course, you will want to bring them inside before any inclement weather hits so wait to add them until the day of your event and keep an eye on the sky. Make sure to match your outdoor palate by choosing the same colors in the pillows.
  3. Add vases of fresh flowers or pots of colorful flowers in your outdoor room. Choose pots that match the style of your decor and think about various options for color use. Would it look best to blend colors with what is already used in your outdoor room? Or would the best option be to go with a completely different color splash? Don't be afraid to experiment and above all, don't let the flowers die off without replacing them.
  4. Add a mat or a few throw rugs around your outdoor room. This changes a look and invites a pause from people. They will know something is different and they will like it–but they may not know what that change is. You will find that adding colorful rugs and mats can accomplish a variety of things, including pulling a room together, adding groupings of furniture, adding colors or even making an area look more cozy.
  5. Add outdoor lanterns or Tempest Torches for extra ambiance and light. This will not only brighten up your outdoor room but allow you to visit comfortably even as dusk falls.
  6. Have extra room off your porch? Consider adding a home-made fire-pit. A ring can easily be made with some big river rocks.

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