Glass Media for Fire Pits Comes in 120 Colors and Shapes

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Fire Pit with Glass Media“Glass Media” is a term you’re going to hear increasingly, because ‘glass is the new log’ when it comes to fire pits and fireplace inserts.

This eco-friendly fireplace décor uses post-industrial glass that has been melted down and has a dye added to it. It can withstand temperatures of up to 1,300 degrees, making it ideal for use in fireplace inserts and fire pits.

Glass Media (also called fireplace glass and fire pit glass) can be used indoors and outdoors. But perhaps the most appealing aspect of glass media is that you can change the color and shape of glass depending on your mood or the color palette of your furnishings.

At Rich’s, we have 120 types of glass media available for you to order, and we stock the top colors and shapes in our showrooms.

Glass media comes in every color of the rainbow, from amber to crystal red to sky blue. A typical fire pit uses 30 pounds of glass media.

Here are pictures and descriptions of several types of glass media:

Eco Glass

Comes in 11 colors: amber, orange, red, white, yellow, green, black, plum, sapphire blue, sky blue, and smoke. Pictured: Crystal Red Eco Glass

Crystal Red Eco Glass

These luminous beads glow and reflect the dancing flames from your fire pit or gas fireplace. The firebeads are approximately 1/2″ and uniform in size. They come in 16 colors.
Pictured: Aqua Blue Luster Firebeads

Aqua Blue Luster Firebeads

The ¼” bronze fireglass pictured below is a popular color in fire pits that use natural earth tones as the building material.  It also complements rooms with hardwood floors or brown colored walls. The ¼” fireglass comes in 13 colors.

Bronze Fireglass
Reflective Fireglass

To add extra flare to your décor, you can add a second reflective color as a topper to accent the fireglass. For example, as an accent for the bronze fireglass above, you could add ¼” platinum reflective fireglass.

Platinum Reflective Fireglass

Platinum pairs well with almost any other color. It is a starfire-colored glass with a reflective mirror effect on one side. The reflective properties offer a brilliant sparkle under the midday sun or a reflection of fire while the flame is burning after dark.

Fireglass, ½”

If you prefer a larger size fireglass, it also comes in ½”. The Evergreen fireglass pictured below is an excellent choice in any landscaped area that has a lot of foliage, or in homes where green is the primary color. Half-inch fireglass comes in 9 colors, plus 8 reflective colors.

Evergreen Fireglass
Stop by one of Rich’s five Puget Sound showrooms in Bellevue, Lynnwood, Southcenter, Tacoma, or Silverdale to check out our fire pits and glass media.


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