Dressing up a flower box

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RichsFlowerbox A planter box of flowers can give your outdoor room the sprucing up that it needs for a spot of color or a whole new look. It refreshes the soul and is also good for nature. You can do it on a budget with a little bit of work.

The picture shown is an old grey wooden planter box that was falling apart in my storage shed. Once an item that I would have tossed, this year I looked at it with whole new eyes. With three nails and some leftover wood stain that I used last year for a coffee table, I spruced it back up.

Then I chose some fresh flowers (English Daisy) that I had never seen before that I found at my local nursery. I loved the colors and thought that they complimented the darker stain. I stuck with two colors of flowers, although a garden designer I know recommends three colors to a pot, and I love the resulting look. The pot matches my furniture and although I did not go as far as matching the flowers with the furniture cushions, they certainly compliment the full picture.

You can spruce up pots easily. Although wood is the easiest to do this with, you can also spruce up plastic pots with paint made to adhere to plastics. Krylon and Delta both make a paint for plastic and you can find them at most hardware-type stores.

Don't have a pot? Hit the garage and yard sales this season. Also try second-hand stores. It's both eco-friendly and budget-friendly to buy something that has already been used to fix up yourself.

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