Creative Containers for Plants

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NW Garden Show 08 013 After fruitlessly shopping for containers for veggies and flowers last year, I drove past a restaurant that had 5 gallon green buckets at the back door and a sign that said “free”. And, there were already holes in the bottom. Could I? Should I? Would I? You bet your sweet pitooty.

A friend of mine took one look at the round, plastic planters in the garden section and headed over to toys instead. She bought round plastic toy bins on clearance and drilled holes in the bottom. She saved a ton of cash and added splashes of bright color to her deck.

Another time, I used an old laundry basket and an old sheet no longer good for the bed—although I wouldn’t recommend this one if you are placing it in an area where visual appeal is important. I punched a few holes in the bottom of the sheet and tucked it around the edges, securing it with clothes pins. Then I filled it with soil. Don’t laugh-the vegetables were as good as the ones that came from the buckets.

Haven’t we all seen a claw bath-tub or two with plants draped over the sides?

Your containers can be as original as you are. Remember to:

  • Consider your décor
  • Consider the size of your plant
  • Provide drainage
  • Add something if needed for the excess water under each “planter”
  • Avoid dark colors unless a plant needs additional warmth
  • Place containers for a proper amount of sunshine
  • Have fun!

Do you have any unique plant container ideas that will help to decorate outdoor rooms? Please share in the comments section.

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