Planters for Your Outdoor Room

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Patio_and_plantsYIPEE! It’s sunny today and not just sunny-but actually warm. Which is weird because it was freezing this morning. Ah-a spring day in the Northwest.

The patio furniture is in use today at my house and thanks to my cool laptop, I get to work outside when it is this nice, and enjoy every minute. Not to make you jealous or anything.

The lawn needs mowed (I hadn’t even spent outside time to notice til now-oops). I can smell some spring flowers popping up for a taste of the sun and speaking of which, I need to fill my planters because they are an essential part of my outdoor décor.

Do you have planters to accompany your patio furniture yet? Don’t they just tie it all together? The splash of color from your plants pops out for your guests and as long as you maintain them with water and sun (and gently pull anything dead off), you have a good chance of keeping beautiful foliage to compliment your outdoor living space. You might want to add a general fertilizer midway through the season if you want overflowing baskets. Don’t forget to pull them in a covered area for Spring and Summer storms.

Don’t feel that talented? It’s OK. Buy a pre-made hanging baskets and planters from the grocery store and as long as they have some sun (and water when the soil feels dry), they will thrive and become an integral part of your outdoor décor.

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  1. Alice

    Thanks for saying its OK to buy the pre-made plant arrangements at the store. It’s beauty without the work and I buy them every year. This year I am looking for purple, red and blues!

  2. Julie

    No problem Alice. I know the flowers will go a long way in creating your outdoor picture. ~Julie

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