Banana Plants

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Growing tropical plants here in the Northwest is possible and they can add a unique twist of beauty to your outdoor rooms. Banana plants are beautiful can thrive with proper care, although they may never fruit.

Some new hardy, edible banana plants are: Darjeeling Giant, Hellen’s Hybrid, Orinocao and the Siam Ruby. Garden Expert and TV Personality Ciscoe Morris says, "Don’t plant them in the winter. They won’t make it. Plan on them growing large and know that they need a little moisture a couple of times a week."

According to Banana Tree, "The first priority to consider when growing banana is to use the proper soil. It is very important to use a well draining soil mixture and 20% perlite should be added to it to assure that you have good draining soil…plant the banana rhizome upright and be sure the roots are well covered and the rhizome has about 1/2" of the base covered with soil."

They also recommend that you water and lightly fertilize the banana at the same time using a balanced fertilizer. Twelve hours of light a day is idea and warmth (over 67 degrees) is a good idea.

Grow bananas in a container that is not too large. It should be a standard 6" or 8" pot with a drain hole. Transplant to a larger container as needed.

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