A Tiled Focal Point

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My neighbor’s walkway keeps popping out at me. I walk the simple pathway, made of cement no less, but up ahead I see a focal point and as I get closer I realize that it is just a tile.

Just a tile?

Well yeah-it’s a cement tile with an Iris carved into it and carries it’s own beauty, in it’s own right. But everything else around it is just plain cement.

Which means it pops.

Whether incorporating tiles into your deck, walls, garden, walkways, backspashes, bathrooms or fireplaces, they offer a focal point, conversation starter, piece of beauty and unique decorating perspective, all rolled into one piece. They can:

  • Highlight your landscape
  • Become a focal point
  • Convey a theme
  • Tell a story
  • Honor a memory or a person
  • Invite a pause

The nice thing about tiles? You can have them custom designed just for you and your specific needs. I recommend Wilburton Pottery. Wilburton has specially designed their tiles to resist element damage, made from porcelain clay. They are in Bellevue, but you can also order online or at the shows they attend as vendors.

Go ahead, make your walkway or wall pop. You’ll be glad that you did.

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  1. Villa Lagoon Tile

    Hi–just thought you might like to have a look at some cement tile of a different nature. I did all the designs myself because I wanted a coastal theme and my first big shipment goes out to me on July 17th—I’m so excited. I like the iris tile, I once designed a garden for a wealthy Memphian and we included all sorts of interesting relief concrete tiles in the gravel path…but my new tile is floor tile. Upscale, I know, but big wow factor, so good for foyers and elevator lobbies, etc..Thx, Lundy

  2. Jon Chapman

    Iris, we didn’t mean to give the impression that your tiles were cement-only the ones we talked about in the first paragraph. But just to make it clear, we edited the post and added that in so there isn’t confusion. Hope this helps. Thanks for reading!

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