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Buying a hot tub cover


CalderaCumberland So what should you look for when purchasing a hot tub cover? Caldera Spas has a list of 20 questions that we found very helpful when considering a cover. We hope that you will find it helpful as well.

  1. What kind of foam is in the hot tub cover? What is the density, and the taper?
  2. Specifically how is the foam core sealed?
  3. How is the hinge reinforced? What material is it made from?
  4. What is the expected R-value of the cover?
  5. What kind of material is used for the top covering?  What are the specifications? How is it treated for UV and mildew?
  6. What kind of material is used for the bottom covering? What are the specifications? How is it treated for UV, mildew and cold?
  7. How is excess water drained out of the spa cover?
  8. Is it labeled a safety cover? Is it in compliance with the ASTM standard?
  9. How many tie-down straps are on the cover?
  10. Does each hot tub cover come with child-resistant locking hardware with keys?
  11. What keeps the heat from escaping at the hinge area?
  12. Is the hot tub cover internally reinforced? If so, how many places and where?
  13. What kind of thread is used and how is it treated?
  14. What is the expected life of the cover?
  15. Is the hot tub cover warranted? Please explain.
  16. How should I care for the cover? Are there any special guidelines for winter time?
  17. What's the best way to get the cover on and off?
  18. What are the most popular colors?
  19. How long has the manufacturer been making hot tub covers?
  20. Why should I purchase from a local dealer versus on the Internet?

Caldera has a Color Selector tool that helps you see what certain colors of covers will look like on your hot tub. They have various color options for you to try out on the selector tool before you buy them. You can even choose your hot tub colors and add the cover in various colors to get the full picture.

Visiting Caldera will also provide you with potential accessories for your hot tub cover and information on how to care for your hot tub cover. It is a wealth of information. Of course, Rich's for the Home is also happy to answer your questions so come visit or give us a call if you have any.