Big Green Egg

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Green_egg Rich’s is an authorized vendor of the popular, infamous Big Green Egg™ grill, a ceramic grill invented in 1974 by Ed Fisher.

One of the Eggs™ trade characteristics is the fact that it can cook food in a very short amount of time, using higher temperatures than a standard grill. It can also maintain lower temperatures if needed so it’s a flexible for a wide variety of needs. Because food is not easily overcooked with the shorter time periods, even lower quality cuts remain tender and tasty.

The Egg™ doubles as a smoker and with special Natural Lump charcoal, you can cook for 24 hours straight without having to replenish it.

The company even maintains user forums where anyone can post questions (and answers) to everything that you can think of in regards to the Egg™, including cooking. Yum. Check it out.

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