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Red flowering currant

So you have probably noticed that when you create backyard bliss, you and your family are not the only ones who enjoy it. Your fine-feathered friends also find more time to visit, land, explore and (yes) human-watch.

 Birds add a special ambiance to your retreat. If you visit Flower & Garden Shows and take in the display gardens, one of the first sounds you will hear are piped-in birds. Why? Because it is a relaxing sound of nature to our souls.

 In your backyard retreat, the sound does not have to be piped in—it will come with the birds. And furthermore, you can learn more about them by setting up a camera to watch more closely when you aren’t in the general area and when human-noise is not playing a factor in their appearance.

Tips for the best bird watching:

  1. Make bird watching a family event.
  2. Explore how to draw more of them with plants, bling and specific bird food.
  3. Keep a log of the different species seen. Note what seems effective in bringing them.
  4. Take pictures of various birds to include with the log.
  5. Support any nest-building or bird-family activity.

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