Morso 7940: Not Just a Wood Stove, But an Attractive Furnishing

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When Danish wood stove manufacturer, Morsø, designs a new stove, they think of it as not just a fire box, but as a piece of furniture. That could explain why their new 7940 wood stove is so popular.
Morso 7940
This contemporary curved stove has a large viewing area. The large panes in the front and sides of the stove make the flames equally visible from all parts of the room.

The stove accommodates a 9-inch log size, pumps out a maximum heat of 35,000 BTU per hour, and heats an area as large as 1,200 square feet. It uses non-catalytic clean burn technology.

Cast Iron Comfort

Morso 7940b
Morsø has been producing some of the world’s best cast iron wood stoves since 1853. All Morsø stoves are made of the highest quality cast iron, using 98% recycled material. The benefits of cast-iron stoves include:

  1. They don’t warp or deform. Cast iron has a thermal tension, which makes the material especially suited to changing temperatures.
  2. Cast iron is highly resistant to burn-through.
  3. The thickness of the cast iron Morsø uses is nearly twice as thick as a stove made of plate steel, which means their stoves retain heat longer.
  4.  Cast iron distributes heat better than steel, ensuring a comfortable heat

In addition, Morsø stoves have a 10-year warranty against defects in manufacturing.

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