Lighting for ambiance

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RichsflamelesscandleIt's been getting dark a bit earlier in the evening these days and in order to stay outside longer, you might need some lighting. In addition, lights can add a touch of ambiance for romantic evenings.

Have you seen the flameless candles? They are a great way to add ambiance to your patio. We also use them for power outages. A group of them can add a classy and elegant look to any patio or outdoor area. They work well inside too. How are they flameless, you ask? They operate with flickering LED bulbs and batteries. Even from a few feet away, they look like real candles.

Torches are another option to add some light and there are a variety of kinds available for your outdoor room. Tiki Torches are a great option if you want the flame look and/or to have your lighting up above your chairs and tables. Added benefit? They bring warmth.

At the risk of sounding trite to some, Holiday Lights are also a great way to add both ambiance and light to your outdoor room. Even a string or two of white lights can be magical.

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