Four Green Plants for Your Yard this Winter

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IStock_000002429287XSmall Do you give up on the green in your backyard during the fall and winter? You shouldn’t. Think of how much green can spice up your yard all year round. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a yard that doesn’t look like its dragging until Spring?

So spice it up.

  1. Plant a couple of small Evergreens, which of course flourish in the cooler weather. That is why we enjoy them over the holiday. A few specially trimmed ones around your deck or in your yard can add a bright look to your yard.

  2. Cool weather veggies can also be a great accent around your deck or even in containers that you can shelter somewhat from the storms. Try lettuce, kale, broccoli, cabbage, peas and bok choy.

  3. Consider shrubs. Get leaf shrubs that do not shed their leaves so that you don’t have more to pick up. A good choice is a laurel shrub.

  4. Ferns are reminiscent of the woods behind your house, of course, but they are also brought effectively into landscape pictures here in the northwest. There are several varieties that work well here, including Deerfern, Licorice Fern and Western Bracken Fern

While you are at it, plant any bulbs now that you want in the spring. They will show their colors the first chance that they get late winter/early spring.

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