Decorate with a Theme

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Here’s a fun way to decorate your outdoor room.

  1. Choose a theme first. For instance, seascape, beach, festival, wild flowers, ultra modern chrome, antique, vintage, a certain era, tropical, etc.
  2. Then choose your colors. You may find that certain themes need certain colors. For instance, tropical or beach will need sandy and blue or aqua colors. So if you have a few fav colors that simply must be a part of your area, match a theme with it or use them as accent colors.
  3. Look at texture. Are there any particular patterns you like? I don’t know why but I am big on stripes. Most anything I choose has some type of striping on it. Do you want solids with no patterns at all? Florals? Polka dots? Choosing textures and colors ahead of time will help you tremendously when you shop.
  4. Consider accessories that match your theme. Seascapes call for large pieces of driftwood, floats, rocks, ornamental grasses, a net and maybe even some sand. Perhaps fish-shaped plates or a ceramic/wood fish to adorn the wall would be appropriate. If you choose tropical, tropical looking plants such as a banana is essential. And so are tiki accessories, woven pieces, torch lighting and bright colors. Don’t forget the tropical fish.

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