Castleton Wood Stove: Classically Styled, Superior Heating

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If you like a classically styled wood stove with superior heating abilities, consider the new Castleton model by HearthStone.

Hearthstone Castleton Wood Stove matte black

For 35 years, HearthStone Stoves, based in Morrisville, Vermont, has been renowned for their hand-crafted soapstone and cast iron stoves. The Castleton is no exception. Its polished gray soapstone firebox holds up to 35 pounds of wood, and accepts up to 18 inches in logs side-to-side and 15 inches in logs front-to-back. Decorative cast iron impact plates help maintain a warm, comfortable temperature.

Polished Gray Soapstone
Stone finish: Polished gray soapstone

What’s the big deal about soapstone?

There’s nothing quite like soapstone. Storing more heat for its weight than any other naturally occurring material, soapstone panels absorb the high heat of the fire to emanate natural, even warmth long after the fire dissipates.

The soapstone panels incorporated in the Castleton model are hand-chosen and hand-matched to create a coordinated and highly individual pattern of understated elegance.

The Castleton is not only beautiful, but it is efficient, functional, and durable. It heats up to 1,500 square feet, produces 45,000 BTUs and has a burn time of up to eight hours.

Castleton Finishes

Choose from two finishes: Black Matte (pictured at top) and Brown Enamel (below)

Hearthstone Castleton Wood Stove brown enamel
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