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5 Things You Never Knew About Electric Fireplaces


Electric fireplaces are undergoing major redesigns to reflect Americans' desire to save space and heat efficiently, while still enjoying the benefits of a crackling fire. Here are five concepts that are revolutionizing the electric fireplace industry:

1.  You can have flames without heat.

Electric fireplaces are efficient at zone heating, and they’re certainly a lot better looking than baseboard heaters or fan-forced wall heaters.

But perhaps the most attractive quality of an electric fireplace is its ambiance. With the flick of a switch, you can turn off the heat and enjoy the flickering flames any day of the year.

Illuminations Electric Fireplace from FPX

One of our favorite ambient fireplaces is the Illuminations Electric Fireplace (pictured above) from Fireplace Extordinair (FPX). This candlescape fireplace features flickering LED flame technology, and enhances the design of any bedroom or bath.

2.  Fireplace “smoke” isn’t really smoke.

The OptiMyst from Dimplex is revolutionizing the entire electric fireplace industry with its patented smoke effect. The OptiMyst creates a three-dimensional flame, glowing logs and a shimmering ember bed, and produces “smoke” that is actually mist.

Pictured below are the contemporary Rockwell model (left) and the traditional Renwick.

OptiMyst Rockwell and Renwick Electric Fireplaces

This 5-second video demonstrates what the OptiMyst fire looks like:

3.  Fireplaces and TVs go together.

Media consoles
are absolutely the hottest items in the electric fireplace industry for 2012. These space-saving units are both practical and add a significant “wow” factor to your family room, media room, or “man cave.”

A typical media console includes storage for media components (receiver, DVD/Blu-Ray player, speakers), space on top for a wide screen TV, and of course, a built-in electric fireplace.
Media consoles come in many shapes and sizes, from the ultra-sleek Novara (below, left) to the transitional Brookings (below, right).

Novara Media Console from Dimplex  Brookings Media Console from Dimplex

  4.  Slim and sleek is in.

Wall-mounted fireplaces such as the Synergy from Dimplex have a linear look, similar to a flat screen TV. Because they mount right on a wall, they open up much more living space in a room while simultaneously serving as a beautiful focal point.

Synergy Wall Mount Fireplace from Dimplex

5.  Glass is the new log.

Log fireplaces are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Today, you’re more likely to see decorative flame beds customized with colored glass, stone, black pebbles, or driftwood.

This Convex Wall-Mount electric fireplace from Dimplex has black pebbles in the flame bed, and can be customized with a variety of decorative fill, so your fireplace will complement your home’s décor.

Here's a video of the Convex:

Bonus: Portable space heaters are disguised as electric fireplaces.

If you’ve been reading our blog, you already know about the Mini Cube Electric Stove from Dimplex.

Dimplex Mini Cube

The latest concept in electric space heaters, The Cube quickly takes the chill out of the air and manages to look ultra-fashionable while doing so.

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