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5 Advantages of Kamado Joe Grills


One thing we love about living in the Pacific Northwest is our mild climate. Yes, our skies are gray and drizzly for much of the year and we get the occasional snowstorm. But generally, our temperate weather means we get to grill outdoors year-round.

For durability, fuel efficiency, and ability to cook a wide variety of foods, you can’t beat a Kamado Joe cooker.

In this article, we’ll show you five advantages kamado-style cookers have over conventional charcoal grills. We’ll also introduce you to the two of our favorite Kamado Joe cookers: the Classic Joe III and the Big Joe III.

What’s special about kamado cookers?

Here’s a look at five key differences between kamado cookers and conventional charcoal grills.

1. Construction

Egg-shaped kamado cookers are typically made of thick ceramic, while conventional charcoal grills are usually round or rectangular and are made of metal. Since ceramic is a better insulator than metal, kamado cookers retain and circulate heat and flavor more evenly and efficiently.

2. Temperature control

Controlling the temperature of a conventional charcoal grill can be challenging, making it easy to overcook food. Kamado cookers have an adjustable top vent to control airflow. This allows for precise temperature control, from 225°F to 750°F.

The ability to reach a wide range of temperatures makes kamado cookers versatile enough for cooking delicate foods, such as fish and vegetables, as well as grilling, smoking, baking, and even roasting.

3. Fuel efficiency

Because ceramic retains heat better than metal, you can cook for longer periods of time with less fuel on kamado cookers. Their superior heat-retaining capabilities help the food absorb flavors deeply.

4. Durability

Conventional charcoal grills are susceptible to rust and corrosion. But because kamado cookers are ceramic, which is a very strong material, they’re built to last for many years.

5. Price

Kamado cookers are typically more expensive than conventional charcoal grills. However, they’re also more durable and versatile, making them an excellent investment for outdoor cooking enthusiasts.

In addition to the differences we noted above, Kamado Joe cookers offer several innovative advantages over conventional charcoal grills and over other kamado-style cookers. This video highlights the unique features of Kamado Joe products:

Kamado Joe Cookers

At Rich’s, we stock the Classic Joe III and the Big Joe III.

Classic Joe III

This premium 18-inch diameter ceramic cooker features 250 square inches of cooking space. Its three-tier Divide & Conquer® Multi-Level Cooking System makes it easy to cook a variety of dishes simultaneously.

Additionally, the SlōRoller® hyperbolic smoke chamber instantly turns your grill into a smoker, optimizing airflow to create evenly rolling, recirculating waves of savory smoke.

The Classic Joe III includes a premium grill cart crafted from heavy-duty powder-coated steel. The cart has a storage shelf and wheels for easy mobility. The grill cart is a huge bonus, considering that the Classic Joe II weighs in at 360 pounds.

Big Joe III

If the Classic Joe isn’t big enough for you, consider the Big Joe III. With 450 square inches of uninterrupted cooking space, this grill can feed a feast.

It includes similar features to the Classic Joe III, such as the Divide & Conquer® Multi-Level Cooking System, the SlōRoller® Hyperbolic Insert, and the Kontrol Tower® Top Vent, which maintains consistent air setting during dome opening and closing.

In addition:

  • The Air Lift hinge allows you to lift the heavy ceramic lid with the touch of a finger.
  • The stainless steel latch and wire mesh fiberglass gasket create an airtight seal, locking in heat, smoke, and moisture.
  • The multi-panel firebox radiates heat for hours.
  • A slide-out ash drawer eliminates the messy tedium of scraping out ash.
  • The cooker includes finished folding aluminum side shelves and handle, a grill gripper, and ash tool.

Of course, because the Big Joe III weighs 487 pounds, it includes a heavy-duty powder-coated steel grill cart and locking wheels.

Need accessories and charcoal?

Rich’s stocks lump charcoal, flavored wood chunks, and Kamado Joe accessories!