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3 Delightful DIY Tricks to Perk Up Your Patio


Does your patio need a mid-summer makeover?

It’s easier than you might imagine to add dramatic flair to your outdoor space. In this article, we’ll introduce you to three essential building blocks for a patio perk-up.

Building Block #1: Shade

Patio umbrellas create a shady oasis and add privacy to your outdoor space. Plus, they inject an interesting vertical element to your horizontal patio furniture grouping.

We recommend a cantilever umbrella by Treasure Garden. These large, multi-position umbrellas shade an entire dining area, chat group, spa, or grill area (when the grill is not lit).

They come in many shapes and sizes:

  • Square: 10’ and 8.5’
  • Octagon: 13’, 11’, 10’
  • Rectangle: 10’ x 13’

 Easy to move and reposition

Because the pole is offset, rather than in the middle of the umbrella, cantilevers are versatile. Many of them tilt and swing; you can easily rotate the umbrella to shade your dining area, and alternately, your lounge area.


Never fill an umbrella base with water, as water evaporates. On a windy day, your umbrella may tip over and get damaged – or damage your other outdoor furnishings.

**If Rich’s delivers and sets up your umbrella, we’ll fill the base with sand.

Umbrella Shopping Tip

To get complete coverage of the area you want to shade, measure the area you plan to shade, and ask us which size umbrella will shade that amount of space.

Building Block #2: Color

As you’re planning your patio makeover, select a color scheme. Neutral or brownish tones are always popular, but dramatic contrasts are also on-trend.


Enhance your color scheme by coordinating container plantings with furniture cushions, pillows, or umbrella colors.

For example, pump up a red and black color scheme with brilliant red geraniums or  tall, red, tapered planters. Mix up the heights of the containers, as well as plant and leaf sizes.

Patio Furniture Shopping Tip

We invite you to browse Rich’s showrooms, where our displays will show you creative ways  to mix-and-match furnishings with umbrellas, artwork, outdoor rugs, plantings, water features, and dishware.

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Building Block #3: Fire

Fire tables, in which fire media is built into the middle of a dining- or bar-height table, are the “hottest” trend in outdoor furnishings. They're attractive and the flames provide a welcoming ambiance and warmth.

With 120 shapes and colors of fire glass to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect color combination to enhance the décor of your outdoor room.

Fire Table Shopping Tip

Measure the space in which you plan to put your table, and decide whether the space is best suited to a round, square, rectangular, or expanding table.

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Bonus Decorating Ideas

Here's a video that shows the versatility of the Cambria deep seating collection.

Additional inspiration for patio perk-ups can be found at Better Homes and Gardens.

Rich's features a huge selection of outdoor furniture, fire pits, and patio umbrellas. Stop by any of Rich’s 5 showrooms in Lynnwood, Bellevue, Tacoma, Tukwila, or Silverdale.

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