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1600 Swim Spa: An Economical Pool Experience in Your Backyard


Looking for a swim spa that gives you a comparable experience to a pool workout?

1600 Swim Spa by Coast Spas

Check out the 1600 swim spa by Coast Spas. At 16 feet long, taller people will feel right at home. And with a depth of 54 inches (4 ft. 6 inches), it’s nearly a foot deeper than traditional swim spas. That’s deep enough to do a full workout, including underwater flips, without banging your head on the bottom.

FAQ about the 1600 Swim Spa

What kinds of workouts can I do?

In addition to swimming, you can do water aerobics with water weights, practice kicking and breathing techniques, teach someone to swim, or use the optional rowing bars and assistance bands.

How powerful is the current?

On the strongest setting, the counter-current is comparable to doing a fast workout in a pool. On the variable speed model, you can reduce the current for a lighter workout.

The swimming stream is even and fluid, thanks to a diffusion system that allows for a full current of water to circulate (rather than pumping it out through individual jets).

Can I use it as a hot tub?

1600 Swim Spa by Coast Spas

Yes. You can control the temperature up to 104 degrees. With the optional auxiliary heater, you can raise the water temperature as quickly as 6 degrees per hour.

The 1600 swim spa includes comfortable therapy seats in the corners. It also features entry/exit steps, dual 24" waterfalls, cool-down seats and new levitator jets.

1600 Swim Spa by Coast Spas

How customizable is this spa?

Coast Spas are the most customizable swim spas and hot tubs in the industry, enabling you to fine-tune the exact experience you want. There are options to customize the outside cabinet, lighting packages, and commercial-grade purification systems.

1600 Swim Spa by Coast Spas

How economical are swim spas?

Swim spas are more economical than in-ground pools.  They are wired electric, similar to how a hot tub is wired. We estimate an average heating cost of $60-70 per month. There are a variety of chemical options available to keep the spa water sanitized.

Here’s a review of the 1600 swim spa from a competitive swimmer.